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Pediatric Orthodontics – New Britain, CT

Stay Ahead of Your Child’s Oral Health

A young girl wearing braces.

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, all children should receive a checkup with an orthodontic professional by the time they reach seven years of age. By doing so, you can confirm if dental issues are present with your child’s mouth and address them ahead of time, rather than have to manage them later in life when treatment often becomes more difficult. Dr. Alexander will perform a detailed checkup and recommend Phase 1 Orthodontics if necessary to ensure good jaw growth, bite alignment, and provide a path for incoming adult teeth. Call our office today to get your child examined and started on their care!

Why Choose Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics for Phase 1 Orthodontics?

  • Save Money on Future Dental Care
  • Improve Your Child’s Quality of Life Into Adulthood
  • Treatments Performed by an Award-Winning Orthodontist

How We Confirm If Phase 1 Treatment is Right for Your Child

A teenaged girl wearing braces.

During their exam, Dr. Alexander pays very close attention to not just your child’s teeth, but the way their bite comes together. She will also capture detailed X-rays of their mouth so she can observe the path of teeth that have yet to erupt. Through these steps, she can confirm if any problems with your child’s oral development are present. Furthermore, she can confirm if any current problems are likely to worsen and therefore require professional intervention to treat. With Phase 1 treatment, she can ensure that all adult teeth have enough room to develop and remain healthy as your child enters adulthood.

How Does Phase 1 Treatment Work?

A dentist performing a dental exam.

Phase 1 treatment involves the use of multiple oral appliances which are completely removable. Each appliance is worn to bed and designed to gently shift their teeth for a set period of time. Does your child have a thumb-sucking habit? Dr. Alexander can also place a thumb crib to help them discontinue this habit. Following a year or so of treatment, we’ll reexamine your child’s mouth and see if we can move on to Phase 2.

What Happens During Phase 2?

A young child smiling.

The main goal of Phase 1 is to help adult teeth come in as straight as possible. In contrast, Phase 2 (which often includes traditional braces) works to correct any remaining problems that weren’t fully resolved. It’s very important to note that Phase 1 is designed to reduce the length of time needed for traditional braces, which can take as many as three years to provide effective results. In some cases, the need for traditional braces can be eliminated altogether depending on the severity of your child’s developmental concerns. If we need to use a palatal expander to prevent crowding of teeth, Dr. Alexander can provide that as well.

The sooner your child begins orthodontic treatment when they need it, the better off they will be.  Not only can you save money on treatments, but your child can spend more time showing off a healthy and beautiful smile to their friends and family. A well-balanced and functional smile means a better quality of life, easier at-home oral hygiene, and a much lower risk for problems like teeth grinding and jaw disorders.