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Sports Dentistry – New Britain, CT

Stay Safe & Stay in the Game

Dental-related injuries are extremely common in sports, and that’s true whether your child is in elementary, middle, or high school. That’s why we recommend that every athlete, regardless of their age or level of play, should always wear a protective mouthguard no matter which sport they choose. We can even provide them with their own custom-made mouthguard so you have one less thing to worry about while they’re on the field, mat, or court.

However, should your child sustain some dental damage while going for sporting glory, be sure to take the following steps:

Knocked-Out Tooth

Teen girls playing basketball

Time is extremely important in this situation as we can only replant a tooth about an hour or so after the initial accident. Call us immediately, recover the tooth, pick it up ONLY by the crown, and gently rinse it off with some water. Try to place it back into the socket, and have your child hold it there by closing their mouth. If this isn’t working, the tooth can also be stored either in the cheek pouch or a container of milk. Only put it in the cheek if you can trust your child to not swallow it!

Chipped/Cracked Tooth

Teen boy boxing

See if you can find any large pieces of the tooth and put them in a safe container. Have your child hold a cold compress on their face to reduce any swelling and pain. To prevent the remaining tooth from cutting/irritating the inside of the mouth, you can cover it either with some sugar-free gum or a bit of dental wax. Make sure your child doesn’t chew with the tooth until we’re able to repair it.

Displaced Tooth

Teens playing hockey

If the tooth is simply dislodged and not fully knocked out, see if you can push it back into place. Have your child gently close their mouth to keep it stable, and give us a call as soon as you can.